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How to Care for Your Bikinis


Here are some helpful tips to properly care for your favorite bikinis:

1.Rinse your bikinis in cool water every time you wear one, even if you do not get wet. Rinse your bikini in cool water immediately after swimming in chlorinated (pool/ Jacuzzi) water or salt water.

3.  If your bikini is new, wash it separately until any excess dye washes out. It is normal for most bikinis to bleed a little the first couple of times they are washed.

4.It is best to use a specifically formulated bikini cleaner as cleaners neutralize damaging chemicals and will extend the life of your suit. If you don’t have a bikini cleaner, use a mild liquid soap, and rinse well. Never use bleach!

5. Always squeeze out any excess water after washing your bikinis. Do not leave rolled up in a wet beach towel or in a gym bag. Moisture left in your swimsuit for extended periods of time will lead to unwanted odor and swimsuit failure.

6. Hand wash and hang to dry only. Do not use a dryer, or an iron on a swimsuit as it will slowly destroy it.

7. Avoid oil based suntan lotion. Oils are harmful to swimwear and elastic and can even stain some fabrics.