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2014 Maaji Collection


We just love the 2014 collection of bikinis by swimwear designer Maaji.  The colorful prints and attention to detail on these pieces makes them a swimwear lovers favorite, oh and did we mention they are reversible!  The fun reversible prints by Maaji are a great feature for switching up your bikini design while on the go or vacation.  You basically get two bikinis for the price of one :)

My Favorite Fringe Bikinis

Lspace Fringe Bikini

There has been a lot of great fringe bikinis introduced into the swimwear market over the last few years, but my favorite fringe designer still remains to be L*Space Swimwear.

Lspace Fringe Bikinis

The designs and styles of fringe bikinis that L*Space has created are timeless and classy.  From the sexy one-piece fringe to their famous Fringe Audrey Halter top (pictured above) the styles will remain popular for years to come!